Roy Mahshie built a beautiful custom home for us on the Daniel Island Wando River waterfront.  We chose Roy because of the consistently excellent references we received from his previous custom home clients and we now add our reference to that list.  Roy was great to work with throughout the process, always attentive and responsive.   When he came across design questions or issues, Roy quickly worked through them directly with the architect or engineer and would often have already figured out the solution himself.  Roy spent a lot of time personally helping us make the myriad of selections and decisions that arise during the construction process.  His hallmark is attention to detail particularly on the woodwork, finishes and paint.  Visitors to our home frequently comment on the flawless quality of the interior finishes.  He uses higher quality paints so our exterior finish has held up well against the harsh heat, sun and saltwater environment of Charleston.  He is a builder with integrity!  We are proud to own a home built by Mahshie Custom Homes and highly recommend Roy to anyone considering such a project.

     ~Dan & Julia Mooney


     Roy delivered to us an absolutely spectacular home!  What we appreciated most about Roy was his attention to detail and his steadfast pursuit of excellence.  Roy was able to do so much more than GC our home.  He was able to consult on the plans, see and address structural items, give advice when asked on esthetic topics and helped us with navigating the hundreds and hundreds of choices when building a home of this caliber.  In the end, the result is we have a gorgeous home, built solid and to perfection.  We can’t say enough what this experience meant to us! 

     ~Walter and Tina Loiselle

     Everyone wants to tell themselves that they have chosen the right builder.  And every builder can fill their marketing materials with testimonials of "satisfied clients," because homeowners want to justify their correct choice of their home builder.  After all, building a new home is one of the largest investments you will ever make. So you inherently want to choose a builder you can rely on and trust and that will treat you fairly at all times.  Many builders can boast of a high level of customer service, but when things get tough, they expect you to be responsible for the solution.  Roy has an impeccable level of satisfaction and he not only wants things to be right, he will go to no end to make it so. He is professionally and emotionally invested in the homeowner's satisfaction to the point it is his personal requirement.  I put what I considered a number of impossible tasks in front of Roy and every time, I received a text with a picture demonstrating that he had just accomplished the impossible. And many times he even found a less costly option.  I will sum it up with the following; if you are looking for a builder with an uncompromising compulsion to build you the best home possible, Roy Mahshie is your builder.

     ~Phil Dalpiaz

     Creating our home with Roy Mahshie and his team was truly a custom building experience.  We felt like we had a partner and friend constantly at our side through the entire process.  It is clear to everyone that works with Roy that he will do anything to make sure his clients get exactly what they want.  He is available anytime his clients call, whether it’s during the building of a home or years afterward.  Building with Mahshie Custom Homes means high quality construction and attention to every detail.

     ~Erin and David Hudson


     Now that our home on Daniel Island is completed, we want to express our gratitude and thanks to Roy and Mahshie Custom Homes for building us our dream home.  Our home is everything we had hoped for, and much more!  It was clear early on during our interview process that Roy had a keen focus on quality and that his heightened attention to detail was well above most in the industry.  Roy’s approach to every aspect of the build gave us a strong comfort level during the entire process.  Our entire experience was truly a pleasure and rewarding from the first day we met with Roy.  We loved his meticulous supervision and his daily presence at our homesite.  We were traveling significantly during the process and loved the feedback we got from neighbors about how impressed they were with Roy’s craftmanship and his clean, organized work site.  It was clear that he took personal ownership over the construction of our house and he was always available to answer any questions or concerns that we had.  Roy has a wonderful family and they feel like part of ours now.  Even now that our home has been finished for over a year, we know that we can call Roy for any concerns or help!  We have had a stream of family and friends stay with us since our house has been finished.  Without exception, they all comment on the beauty, functionality and quality of the craftsmanship.  We feel very fortunate to have selected Roy and Mahshie Custom Homes to  build our dream house.

     ~Rebecca and Tony Boor

     Steve and I selected Roy as our builder from a list of the best contractors in Charleston.  We were first captured by his extraordinary enthusiasm and knowledge for the building process, and after several visits to his homes in progress, we were convinced that Roy was cut from a cloth of excellence and creativity.   He educated us in foundational details of the building process that went far beyond the overt visible elements.   In the end we were confident that his attention to the structural integrity of our home would assure it would be of the highest quality possible.  We were absolutely correct, and his desire for perfection got us the gorgeous home we dreamed of.    Roy is an excellent communicator, is always available for updates and concerns, treats each home he builds as if it were his own, will go to bat for you, is adorable and personable.  Throughout the months we shared with Roy, he and Jenna grew to be family members.   If we were to build another house, there would be no bidding process.  We would choose Roy, hands down.

     ~Laurie and Steve Meyer

     [Our home is] exactly as we dreamed!  [Roy] built us a home that has exceeded our high expectations.  Each day, each season, we come to an appreciation of a different aspect of the home; from its solid construction to its finite details in the trim, to the unique flooring and so on.  From the beginning, actually before the beginning, [Roy was] there for us.  Six months prior to contract execution, [Roy] voluntarily helped us with pricing, engaged in discussions with our architect, let us run ideas by [him] and even helped us get the home inspection list done on our previous home.  None of these were [his] obligation, but [he] gladly helped us anyway.  Our home was built on time, on budget, and to the highest standards.  [Roy's] attention to detail, even-keeled personality and willingness to go way beyond other builders’ “standard” performance is exactly why we chose [him] as our builder, after interviewing five others!  Our decision was easy and most definitely the correct one, evidenced by the many, many compliments we receive about our home.  Thank you for making a folder of dreams and wishes become a happy, lively home for the three of us, our dogs, and our friends and families. 

     ~Lynda and Jeff Byrd

     We had a terrific experience working with Mahshie Custom Homes.  Roy is very committed to the highest quality in all aspects of construction.  Further, he is very focused on the details which were very important to us.  Roy has a committed team of subcontractors which share his standards for the highest quality.  Communication is important in any project but especially so when you live 600 miles away while your home is being constructed.  Roy was very good at communicating with emails, photos of progress or a phone call.  As I was a custom home builder and home designer, and my wife an interior designer, we had very high standards and Roy and his team met or exceeded them in every way.  Mahshie Custom Homes gets our highest recommendation!

     ~Michael and Mollie Vardell


     We dreamed of building a home, but feared the process.  The answer to that problem was choosing Roy Mahshie to build our home.  He's as meticulous, organized, and thorough as we are. Roy took care of any issues before we ever knew about them.  All change orders were timely and discussed in advance- no surprises.  The experience was great and we are beyond pleased with the quality.  It doesn't just look nice, we know it's done right.  We'd build again with Mahshie Custom Homes.

     ~Chris & Jennifer Moses


     If you are thinking of using Roy Mahshie to build your home, think no more.  We met Roy in 2010 and presented him with an old, dilapidated beach house with an amazing view.  Many contractors wanted to knock it down, but... not Roy.  He saw all the benefits to working with what we had and turned this "shabby" cottage into an amazing beach house that encompassed all our water views and intelligently utilized all of our interior space to accomodate our needs.  Roy has a great eye, and an even greater work ethic.  Can't say enough good things about Mahshie Custom Homes.

     ~Michael and Maureen Chalos


     Our experience with Roy and the building process was well above our highest expectations.  His attention to detail, energy, and "hands on" approach to the work, gave us the peace of mind everyone desires when building a new home.  You will not find another builder more dedicated and trustworthy; he will deliver on his promises and give you the best end result possible in your home.

     ~Mike and Kate Finley


     My husband and I built a large custom home on Daniel Island in 2007. We worked hand in hand on a daily basis with Roy Mahshie during our project. Our only disappointment was that our time working with Roy was over when our house was complete! Roy was very dedicated to our project , an example of this was when we could not decide our tub placement. Roy told me not to worry, he went home that night and made a custom wooden template so that my decision became a simple one. We have a number of similar experiences that made our time with Roy a pleasure. Roy's attention to detail, sense of urgency, and pride of workmanship are second to none.  

     ~Jeff and Heidi Carter

     I can't say enough good things about Roy Mahshie! After contracting to buy a custom home on Daniel Island from one of the premier builders on the island, my wife and I decided to plan and build our "Dream House." We had never built a home from the ground up and had heard horror stories from people that had less than pleasant experiences! Well, our dealings with Roy had been so positive that we felt more than comfortable with having him build the next one. Best decision we ever made! Roy not only came in on time and under budget but he took such a personal interest in making sure every step from foundation to final paint coat was done above our expectations. He even made some suggestions along the way that totally enhanced our master bathroom and foyer... Love the nooks, Roy! I would recommend Roy Mahshie to anyone who is considering undertaking a simple renovation to the construction of a million dollar plus home. Enjoy the experience with Roy's help!  

     ~John Seaman



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